Letter to Editor (examples) S.Res. 65

The following letters to the editor regarding proposed U.S. Senate Resolution 65 are written by grassroots members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and may be used as examples for your own outreach to the media.


To the Editor:

The United States Congress has on the table a bill stating that whatever Israel does, we need to support them, even if it means going to war.  US Senators, including New York State Senator Chuck Schumer, recently attended and made promises to a convention of AIPAC members, an organization that exists largely to make sure the U.S. gives maximum support to Israel.  He also spoke to a convention of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq, a terrorist group cast out of Iran for committing mass murder after the Islamic Revolution. 

Most Americans are not aware of the powerful forces who are working to manipulate the United States into a new Middle East war with Iran.  These groups, one motivated by the agenda of a foreign nation and the other mysteriously de-listed from the U.S. Terrorist List after 15 years, provide lucrative subsidies for our representatives, but they do not reflect the will or the American people nor are they interested in the welfare of this country.  

It is time to remind our government officials who elected them before they start another war that we cannot afford.



Before we embark on another war of choice – this time with Iran – we must remember the debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Trillions of dollars that could have been used to feed the poor were used to kill or traumatize hundreds of thousands of innocents. Thousands of US soldiers have died or been emotionally and physically scared doing the bidding of arrogant politicians in love with war.  To suggest that we brought democracy to either of these counters is laughable.  If the US wants to be respected (rather than feared) as the leader of the world, it must recognize that other countries have the right to determine their own destiny without us imposing our interests; that war is not the answer; that true moral leadership is the ability to talk to one’s “enemies” and reach peaceful solutions to conflicts. We cannot allow those views the world as our war zone to perpetuate the violence we claim to deplore. 



Ten years ago this very month, the United States engaged the wounded nation of Iraq in a terrible and unnecessary war. For months prior, the American public had been hearing from members of George W Bush’s administration, that Iraq was an imminent threat to the United States because of WMD despite CIA, UN inspectors and other ground based authorities testifying to the contrary. The various outlets of a mostly unquestioning American news media was parroting that threat instead of reporting the statements from real intelligence authorities.

Well folks, it is happening again! Senators and Congressmen from both sides of the aisle are joining particular pundits who don’t want us to believe Israeli and US intelligence officials who keep saying that they have found no credible evidence of a developing nuclear threat from Iran for either Israel or the US. If only intelligence meant something!