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Colombia Peace Update - June 2011

Colombia Peace Update - May 2011

Colombia Peace Update - April 2011

Colombia Peace Update - March 2011

Colombia Peace Update - February 2011

Colombia Peace Update — January 2011

Colombia Peace Update — December 2010

Colombia Peace Update - November 2010

Colombia Peace Update — October 2010

Colombia Peace Update — September 2010

  • Take Action Against Military Round-ups in Colombia
  • Retreat from Defending Bases, but..
  • Women mobilize: “My body is my house. I will not give away the key”
  • Letter from the field: Sorry things aren’t that okay
  • Breakfast at the Embassies
  • Upcoming Bay Area Events

Colombia Peace Update — August 2010

  • Soldiers Acquitted for San José Massacre
  • The Decision to Keep Talking
  • FOR Report on Military Aid
  • Land Valued by Many: “To Displace 1,000, Kill 10”
  • Constitutional Court to Rule on Bases Agreement
  • Costa Rican Court Suspends US Troop Deployment
  • SOA Activists Protest at Tolemaida Base in Colombia
  • Briefs: Presbyterians Speak; Journalist Visa Denied, Granted

Colombia Peace Update — July 2010

  • Journalist Exposing Violence in Peace Community Denied U.S. Entry
  • FOR Report on Military Aid and Human Rights
  • The Other 13 Million Votes
  • Declaration against Invasion and Military Impunity
  • Video Letter: Mulatos Peace Village
  • Letter from the Field: The Colombian Odyssey or the Fight over Land

Colombia Peace Update — June 2010

  • Clinton stands by as president rails against justice
  • Dreams of Youth Can’t be Camouflaged: Objector Week in Medellín
  • Presidential Elections Go to Second Round this Sunday
  • Agribusiness Behind Forced Displacement
  • Colombian Army in Afghanistan: No Bases Coalition Speaks
  • Last Chance to Apply for Military Bases Delegation
  • Women’s and People’s Summit Against Militarization

Colombia Peace Update — May 2010

  • No Bases Coalition Launched in Bogotá
  • Colombia Bases Delegation
  • Threats to Defenders and Communities
  • Video Letter from the Field
  • Testimony: Against Our Will and Our Rights
  • Days of Prayer and Action in 18 Cities
  • Briefs: Paras Supported Uribe; Candidates Speak; New US Ambassador

Colombia Peace Update — April 2010

  • Letter: Returning to Mulatos and Resbalosa
  • Colombian court reviewing base agreement
  • No FTA under Uribe
  • Ruling in San José massacre
  • An army of clowns!
  • Briefs: Episcopal resolution, new human rights reports
  • Get Involved: Days of prayer and action, special free webinar
  • Take Action:Organizational Sign-on To Oppose Bases in Colombia

Colombia Peace Update — February/March 2010

  • Five years after San José massacre, justice is elusive
  • Electoral process at risk: Observation Mission
  • Pentagon and CIA get in the game: Obama’s budget and Colombia
  • Human rights lawyer on case of ex-army commander threatened
  • Letter from the Field: Revolutionary love
  • A good day for justice
  • News briefs
  • Training, webinars, and days of prayer and action

Colombia Peace Update — January 2010

  • The Mulatos Connection: a Reflection”
  • Seeking Justice for 2005 San Jose de Apartadó Massacre”
  • Water, Energy and the Displacement Factor
  • Adriana Roman on Speaking Tour in the Bay Area
  • Next FOR Colombia Team Training
  • Dharma in Action Fellow

Colombia Peace Update — December 2009

  • Action Alert: Community Lawyer Under Threat
  • From Fort Benning: “I would sing a thousand years”
  • Where Does US Military ‘Aid’ Go?
  • Who Decides a Peace Community?
  • Calle Trece’s Open Letter
  • Next Colombia Volunteer Training

Colombia Peace Update — November 2009

  • Joe DeRaymond in Memoriam
  • Support Congressional Call for New Colombia Policy
  • Expeditionary Warfare” Base Agreement Defies Court
  • Letter from the field: The Cumbia of the Disconnected
  • Briefs: Join FOR at the SOA Vigil; Conscientious objection recognized; next FOR Colombia team members

Colombia Peace Update — September 2009

Colombia Peace Update — August 2009

Colombia Peace Update — May 2008

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