I Will Not Kill

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I WILL NOT KILL is a campaign for our communities, a call for an end to the violence and warfare around the world, in our neighborhoods and our homes. It is a pledge that we will NOT KILL.

Join the I Will NOT Kill network. Sign the pledge.


  • I will not go to war.
  • I will not support war against other nations.
  • I will resist recruitment into the military.
  • I will encourage others to do the same.


If you wish to converse with someone regarding I Will NOT Kill, please feel free to call Sam Smith 630-240-5039, or email FORchicago@Comcast.Net . Sam also offers counter-recruitment workshops.


This is an opportunity for F.O.R. members...

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1.) The Prisoner Express, which is our...

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Chicago Chapter Chair Rev. Sam Smith Has a Dream:

I Have A Dream to Carry the Message of the...

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I feel better with this blog revision… I have a difficult time with the concept of awards/medals in an unjust war… the real heros refuse to serve and put themselves at risk of their own government. Martin Luther King, Jr. Prize: Jim...
Posted by Jim Murphy 5 years 29 weeks ago

As you may know, next month, the U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will meet in Chicago to plan their financial and military strategies for the coming period. These elites, who serve the 1% at home and...

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